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Fabric Care

CAP Fabric care, does not contain any soaps, detergents or other toxic wastes which helps the fibers live longer and not to attract airborne dust. The product removes allergens from fabrics and offers health benefits to those who suffer from allergies and asthma (proved by the American Lung Association) improves fabric clean ability (fabric life).


CAP fabric cleaner was designed to complement DuPont protector the unique surfactant system that has excellent antiresoiling and stain resistant properties leaving upholsteries free of any sticky residues.

The product is designed with dual function conditioner and neutralizer that makes cleaning jobs go further, provides a softer hand to the fabric and more luxurious feel after cleaning.


CAP fabric care is a revolutionary, ecofriendly cleaner that safely removes stains and odors from fabrics; this multi-action cleaner gently penetrates and lifts stains from fibers restoring fabric to its original condition and consistency.

Safe Environment

DuPont has made exciting technological advancement in Fabric care by introducing enhanced, high performance, short-chain products that have compelling global environment.

    Benefits of TeflonĀ® cleaners

  • Innovative products and extensive technical support
  • Quality control through brand assurance testing
  • TeflonĀ® is a powerful and valued consumer brand
  • Healthier lives, sustainable solutions that help protect the environment